Welcome to Mike's Guitar Class Page. Here you'll find all the details about the different Guitar classes that Mike Runs.

Beginners Guitar Class, This is for total beginners that are looking for guitar tuition starting from the very first steps of how to play guitar. This course starts from, holding the guitar, string names, Reading tablature, Reading notation, chord diagrams, basic scales, Major, Minor and dominant chords, strumming Patterns, Melodies and playing songs.

Intermediate Guitar Class, This Class is for guitar students that has Major, Minor and dominant chords under their fingers, can strum confidently from chord to chord, can play basic scales. This class would suite if you looking at improving your Chords to, major 7ths, Minor 7ths, Barre chords, more complex songs, playing a melody, More advanced scales in different position of the neck, understanding and how to use arpeggios, Fingerpicking patterns and basic improvisation.

Advanced Guitar Class, This is for students who have been playing for a few years who want to understand more about, music theory, relating it to the guitar,  Playing in different positions on the guitar, chords in different positions of the guitar, more in-depth look on how to improvise  

Why choose a guitar class? Guitar classes are a great way to learn an instrument with like minded people, have fun whilst learning is one of the best ways to learn and make friends with people who have the same hobbies as you. 

What will you need? You will need a guitar, music stand and some plastic wallets to keep the paper materials together from the session.

What Time Does the class start? The Beginners class starts a 6:00 pm and finishes at 7:00pm, Intermediate class starts 7:00 pm till 8:00pm and advanced class starts at 8:00 pm till 9:00 pm. 

How do I Know what level (Beginner, intermediate etc....) I am? Look at the information about the class and if  you know/can already play the course content, then move to the next class.

Where does the class take place? 

Is there parking? Yes, free parking and plenty of space.

How many people are in the class? Maximum of 10 people and Minimum of 7.

What about Covid19?  Mike's Guitar class follows government guidelines for Covid19, The room is big enough for a 2 meter gap between all 10 students. 


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